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November 24, 2016

EcO2 Control Center

EcO2 Control Centre (ECC)

ECC consists of dedicated professionals, who are knowledgeable and experienced in the field of Controlled Atmosphere (CA) and Heat Treatments. Through its Control Centre, EcO2 provides a 24/7 monitoring and 18/7 technical support package. As a consequence, the client can focus on its core business, while EcO2 ensures that the treatments will run smoothly.

What kind of support can you expect as an ECC client?

General issue identification and support during treatment

Disruptions in the treatment process can increase production lead time. To avoid this EcO2 offers support in case of an issue with the treatment. Based on our experience, EcO2 can ensure an as efficient as possible execution of the treatment, limiting potential production delays.

EcO2 identifies the problem and adjusts parameters, such as oxygen levels, temperature and air circulation and/or advises the operator regarding the use of the treatment chambers. Perhaps a sensor is wrongly placed or there is a leakage in the chamber. Not solving these issues quickly can lead to unnecessary internal and external consequences. Hence, EcO2 support is vital.

Technical issue identification and support

ECC assists the customer to solve technical issues as soon as possible. ECC’s technicians have years of experience with the equipment and can quickly identify the issue at hand. ECC’s technical team can guide the client’s technical staff with regard to solving the identified issue, recommend hiring an external technician, or suggest a visit by an ECC employee. Having this kind of support can minimize production stops and helps to avoid unnecessary high costs.

Additional advice and support

As part of the ECC package, the client receives additional advice and support regarding treatments. For example, in case the client decides to treat different products or utilizes different packaging, EcO2 can inform the client about treatment time, recommended temperature and other aspects that are important to consider. What if live insects suddenly appear? EcO2 will support the client to figure out the cause and possible solution. This is one of the important benefits ECC clients get.

Treatment certificates

If required, EcO2 produces a certificate for a successfully completed treatment. These certificates are internationally recognized.

Treatment website

All treatments can be viewed by the client on the treatment website at any time. When a treatment is completed it will be saved in our database and be accessed at a later time if required.