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November 24, 2016


Silos are used around the world for storing food and feed commodities. Regardless of how long these commodities are stored, they need to be protected against the damage that insects can cause. Preservation of the quality of the commodities is essential.

After many years of experience in applying the Controlled Atmosphere technique to climate chambers, EcO2 has developed a method for applying the technique to treat commodities stored in silos. A large portion of the storage of food is done in silos, so it’s a natural progression to apply CA in silos. Silos are constructed in various ways and using a wide variety of materials. EcO2 assists clients to customize their silos so that the silos are prepared for Controlled Atmosphere treatments.

The Controlled Atmosphere (CA) silo technique can be applied at, for example, flour or rice companies. The silos are connected to the EcO2 system and supplied with nitrogen. With this method, no heat is used.

Flour and rice companies commonly use EcO2’s silo system to treat raw materials (e.g. wheat), use EcO2’s airtight chambers to treat the finished product and EcO2’s heat treatment technique to kill insects in empty silos. However, all methods can be applied separately depending on the customer’s need.